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  • Rocking Y Ranch Transportation
  • Dan Yocum
  • 522 Cypress Rd.
  • Joshua Tree, CA 92252 USA
  • Cell: (949) 689-0250
  • Email:
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For good and valuable consideration, Transporter hereby contracts to deliver the horse(s) identified below from the Pickup Point to the Destination, as each is hereinafter defined, on behalf of the Client Shipper (“Client”). During transport, Transporter shall be diligent as to the safety and care of the Horse(s) including but not limited to feed, water and maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere in accordance with or superior to industry standards. Dan Yocum has a Commercial Drivers License (“CDL”), is insured, and fully DOT compliant to operate in all 48 contiguous US states. Client, at his/her own discretion and expense, will insure life/lives of the Horse(s) over and above the maximum coverage of $7500 per horse provided by Transporter if additional coverage is desired. In the event of emergency, Transporter is the authorized agent of Client.

Horse(s): The horse(s) to be transported is/are identified as follows:

Client, at Client’s expense, shall tender all necessary travel and veterinarian documentation to Transporter at the Pickup Point on or about

Client recognizes and acknowledges that circumstances inherent in road travel may arise (including but not limited to weather, highway hazards, and welfare considerations of all horses in transit) that would preclude arrival of transport accommodations at a precise date and hour; however, both parties agree to utilize utmost diligence in adherence to said Schedule Date and to cooperate in subsequent delivery with communications given at regular intervals Payment:In consideration of the services contracted hereby, Client agrees to pay Transporter in United States Dollars the sum of:

payable either (i) in full upon delivery or (ii) FIFTY PERCENT (50%) to be received no later than 3 (three) calendar days prior to the pick up date (“Deposit”) with the balance due upon delivery or unless other arrangements are agreed upon by both parties [in writing] beforehand. In the event of cancellation or postponement of transport, Client must notify Transporter at least 7 (seven) calendar days prior to Schedule Date so that funds advanced may be adjusted for future Client credit; no refunds.

Horse Health & Welfare: Client warrants that the Horse(s) to be transported is/are in good health to the best of Client’s knowledge and belief, further evidenced by veterinary examination. Client agrees to advise me, in advance of final travel arrangements, of any conditions or temperament requiring extraordinary care or attention (i.e., pregnancy of a mare; disposition problems; previous travel experience). Special feed desired by the Client for the horse(s) will be provided to Transporter by arrangement of the Client at the pickup point. General: Nothing in this contract, or in performance of the services to be provided hereunder, shall imply an ownership interest by Transporter in the Horse(s) to be transported. Transporter will endeavor to give safe, caring and personal attention to the Horse(s) while in Transporter’s custody and care. Special needs, if any, have been contemplated in advance of Deposit payment; Client acknowledges that (a) failure of Horse(s) to be ready to load upon arrival of Transporter, (b) failure of Horse(s) to load within a reasonable timeframe [“reasonable” defined as 20 (twenty) minutes per Horse], or (c) administering of medication to Horse(s) by Transporter en route, if agreed to by Transporter, is each a service beyond the scope of the payment set forth hereinabove and shall generate additional expense to be paid by Client to Transporter prior to delivery. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and is binding thereon. This contract is governed by and enforceable under the laws of the State of California.